If you select Stop, the printer stops printing and you cannot print any more without changing the imaging unit.

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For more information, contact your Lexmark representative or system administrator. The actual imaging drum life remaining might vary. .

Then remove the waste toner container.

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xy] You may need to replace the imaging unit very soon.

The imaging unit is the part of the printer that contains the laser beam that actually draws the image onto the drum.

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. Lower the Transfer Belt by pulling on the two green tabs. Yes, I made sure the quantity is total prints (B&W, Color, Scan and FAX).

Printer toner is the powdery substance used in laser printers and photocopiers to form the printed image on the paper. Learn how to install the imaging unit for the HP LaserJet MFP M433-M443, M42523, M42525, M42623, M42625 printers. What does prepare a new imaging unit mean? - Prepare new imaging unit. 0 to 1. . This video provides a solution to the problem 'Replace new Imaging unit' given by many printers, including Samsung.

* This imaging unit is available only for contract‑managed printers.

Pull the lever at the front of the Toner Cartridge to the left. Item.


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Replacing the imaging unit.

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The actual imaging drum life remaining might vary.